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“Recovering Redemption: Maximus the Confessor, Anarchism, and their Importance for Christian Ethics” for ‘Anarchist Essays’ podcast.

Invited Lecture given as part of the Gender Research Lab for the Institute of Philosophy and Social Theory, University of Belgrade, 4th Feb 2020.

Post on Maximus the Confessor and virtues for Public Orthodoxy, the “public-facing” initiative of the Orthodox Christian Studies Center at Fordham University.
May/June 2017: Invited speaker at Metochi Seminar, ‘Transformation in Response to Climate Change – an Interdisciplinary Dialogue’, Lesbos.
Website for Edinburgh Byzantine Theology Reading Group
Dec 2016: Plenary lecture delivered to international conference on ‘Sustainable Development and the Contribution of Church Communities’, Antwerp.
Microcosmology: Blog for Patristic Theology
Twitter page for anouncements and academic discussion
June 2014: Organised conference ‘Living in the Cosmos: Ethical and Ascetic reflections on Patristic and Contemporary Theology’, Durham.
Bewcastle House of Prayer Project