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4th Feb 2020 ‘The Absence of Sex and Gender in the Thought of Maximus the Confessor: A Seventh Century Challenge to Gender Norms’, Gender Research Lab for the Institute of Philosophy and Social Theory (University of Belgrade, Belgrade)

28th May- 4th June 2017 ‘The Cosmic Dimension of Virtue: Holistic Ethics in the Thought of St Maximus the Confessor’ The Metochi Seminar: Transformation in Response to Climate Change – an Interdisciplinary Dialogue (University of Agders Metochi Study Centre, Lesbos)

7th-9th Dec 2016 ‘Crisis in the Microcosm: The Ethical Challenge of Byzantine Cosmic Theology’  UCSIA International Workshop: Sustainable Development And The Contribution Of Church Communities (University of Antwerp, Antwerp)

14th Nov 2015 ‘Creation as Microcosm: Maximus the Confessor as a Response to Environmental Ethics’, ‘Theology, Science and the Environment: Human Beings in Context’, The Albertus Institute for Science, Knowledge and Religion (University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh)

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